Stupri Bestiali (1994) DVDRip

Year: 1994
Title: Stupri Bestiali
Time length: 1:03:53
Category: Feature, Anal sex, Oral
Company: Salieri Entertainment
Director: Mauro Conti
Starring: Don Fernando, Valentino, Joe Calzone, Katy Borman, Timea Astor, Paru Silos, Kinga Scoszic, Silvia Warner

About movie:
Directed by Mauro Conti its Stupri Bestiali another fine M. Salieri production. In this German language version there's lots of action ranging from an orgy to a threesome and anal to oral sex. Don't miss scene five which starts out with two girls getting each other off while a peeping tom watches, soon he's seen enough and joins the girls in a super hot threesome. Magnificent Italian film, consisting of row of short stories, incorporated the general subject of sexual violence above women. We see the adventures of maniac which steals and brutally forces beautiful women – in the street, getting to their apartments. He steals charming victims and gives way to with them the most unruly sexual orgies. His fantasy, and also masculine force, is inexhaustible. Movie is perfectly made a, a wonderful actor game and very beautiful women will not leave you indifferent. That a ribbon went out from … Une mere de famille contrainte sous la menace d'une arme a devenir jouet sexuel d'un maniaque… un professeur malsain abusant de ses eleves… et bien d'autres situations aussi odieuses parsement ce film sentant le soufre et ou le sperme coule a flots ! Profitez vous aussi de ces chiennes soumises pour en faire vos pantins sexuels !…

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