La Vita segreta di Jasmine (2005) DVDRip

Year: 2005
Title: La Vita segreta di Jasmine
Time length: 1:26:00
Category: Feature, Anal sex, Oral
Studio: Salieri Entertainment
Director: Mario Salieri
Stars: Don Fernando, Mike Foster, Attila Dori, Lauro Giotto, Maria Bellucci, Jenny Gori, Niky Blond, Sandy Moore, Alexia Wilder, Anita Dostric, Saverio Miska, Janine Buckmayer, Helen Uti, Deborah Brow, Angela Petrella, Dora Fellow, Pierce Brosnam, Philippe Jordan, Hugo Ferencz, Pascal Detrier, Albert Mendella, Federick Monza, Jean Francoise Mettieret

About movie:
Kudos to Mario Salieri for yet another fantastic plot-driven film of exceptional quality. In this, his latest, Mario portrays the life of a man obsessed with sex and how this obsession leads him to ruin.
Sporting a host of characters, the film contains erotic scenes with lascivious secretaries, blow-banging cheating wives, couples, and culminating in a huge orgy featuring lesbians and double-blowjobs. Every scene contains anal sex and beautiful women

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