Pentax (2003) DVDRip

Released: 2003
Title: Pentax
Duration: 1:07:02
Category: Feature, Straight, Couples
Studio: Salieri Entertainment
Director: Nicky Ranieri
Stars: Kelly Trump, Don Fernando, Valentino, Mike Foster, Erika Bella, Joy Karins, Sarah Fosterman, Cristina Dance, Backy Jakic, Mauro Santaluca

About film:
Dear Soundly-Sleeping Beautiful Naked Woman,
Please come and stay at our hotel. Our facilities are quite lovely: fragrant floral arrangements will coax you to sleep on feathery mattresses with luxurious bedding. The management can also assure you that you will not be sexually-exploited in your sleep, from which you are no doubt unable to be stirred.
You will not be fucked naked and photographed while you dream about being fucked naked and photographed. There is a 100% guarantee that you will not wake up in the morning, cum-covered and pleasantly aching from a raunchy fuck you can't remember from the night before. We guarantee it, and we look forward to your arrival.
-The management. Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Erika Bella, Backey Jakic, Don Fernando
Scene 2. Kelly Trump, Don Fernando
Scene 3. Joy Karin's, Backey Jakic
Scene 4. Penelope, Valentino
Scene 5. Jenny Fields, Don Fernando

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