Pronto Soccorso (1999) DVDRip

Released Year: 1999
Title: Pronto Soccorso
Time length: 1:16:22
Genre: Feature, Anal, Oral sex
Studio: Salieri Entertainment
Director: Jenny Forte
Stars: Silvio Evangelista, Francesco Malcom, Robert Malone, Dino Toscani, Nicoletta Axin, Nasha Ary, Marianne Fabianot, Orcel Buiont, Janine Foxler, Dana Jobber

These ladies need help immediately. Their pussies are yearning for a pounding. So we sent in some of our guys to service them just the way they need to be serviced. They loved every minute of getting their holes pummeled with hard cock, just like we hoped they would. We hope that you enjoy too! Quando si sta' male non c'e' niente di meglio che una bella chiavata…lo hanno capito i medici di questo ospedale che , tra una puntura e un operazione, scopano come dannati!!!

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